Does an Extraction Hurt?

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Getting a tooth pulled can be painful but most people do not feel a thing thanks to anesthesia. After the extraction, you can take OTC medications to ease the pain. When a dentist recommends an extraction, you may want to put it off but that should not happen. This is a last resort option that dentists recommend only when absolutely necessary.

Type of Anesthesia

The amount of the experience you will remember differs depending on the type of anesthesia that is used. Most people do not feel any type of pain until later in the day after they have gone home from the dental office. This likely is the same experience you will note.

Dentist Knows Best

Follow all the orders given to you by the dentist before, during and after a dental extraction in Hyattsville. He knows what is best and makes sure that your extraction areas properly heals.

Dental Extraction Aftercare Tips

After the extraction is an important time in your life. You want to make sure the area heals properly and that you avoid a dry socket that can be very painful. Some of the aftercare instructions he may give you:

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·    Use an ice pack on your cheek

·    Get plenty of rest. Take the day off from work and do not overdo it

·    Avoid eating hard foods

·    Use a saltwater rinse the day after surgery and for a week after

·    Use a warm compress to help ease the pain and discomfort

Ask your dentist any questions that you might have to make sure the procedure goes over without a hitch and be sure to keep the information above in mind as well.  Follow his instructions and you can make it through a tooth extraction with as little pain and discomfort as possible.