Some Exotic Tools Of The Bondsman Trade

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The actions of a bondsman in some situations are very similar to those of police officer.  But a bondsman is not a police officer. Rather they are someone who is out trying to collect fugitives that have broken their bond, even though they may be been a police officer earlier in their career.

This is a very specific distinction.  When we look at bondsmen working with Orange County Bail Bonds, we are not looking at a private police force but rather a service that ensures that those that have been to court and given a bond, return in order to finish their requirements.  This is why companies like Acme Bail Bonds will equip their employees with the latest gear and tech.

Walkie-Talkies and Radios

The first thing that you may see are walkie-talkies and handheld radios.  These devices are used in order to communicate with others on your team and to communicate with codes and other details about specific cases.  These radios and walkies are great tools and when used correctly can send information instantly.

Emergency Strobe Light

Many bondsmen will use their personal vehicles when on the job.  In these situations, it may be necessary to have some type of trigger or signal to tell others that danger is in the area.  This can be done with an emergency strobe light.  The light can be placed on the top of the car where it will signal to people to get out of the way.

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Tactical vest

A tactical vest is a great tool to have on the field as well.  Typically, these will only be needed in extreme cases and worn my bondsman that will enter the line of fire.  These vests are designed to protect the wearer from bullets and other hazards as well as allow them to carry a wide range of supplies into the situation, keeping their hands free.

These are simply a few of the cool tools and toys a bondsman can have when performing their duties.